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Dreamfield Farms Referral Program

We have created a Referral Program to reward our loyal customers and supporters for spreading the word about Dreamfield Farms!

The program is very simple.  It works like this....

You get a Personal Discount Code you can give to friends, family and other customers.  When they use your code, they save and you earn!  You earn a Personal Bonus for your own sales and a Leadership Bonus for inviting others to get involved.

Here is the breakdown!

  • You and your customers get a 5% discount when using your code
  • Your Personal Bonus is 10% of the sales price
  • Your Leadership Bonus for sales from anyone you invite to get involved is also 10% 
  • You also get a second level Leadership Bonus of 5% for encouraging your people to invite others to get involved.
  • An additional 5% flows from the ongoing efforts of the team as it continues to grow.

There is never a purchase requirement to stay involved with the Dreamfield Farms Referral Program, but of course we do encourage you to use the products you are promoting, and hope that you love them as much as we do!

For those interested in making a serious part/full-time income with the Referral Program, we have monthly seminars where we will train you how to gain sales, how to create a loyal team and other principles that will help lead to your success.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Follow the link given by the person who invited you, or use the direct link to enroll...  https://dreamfield.leaddyno.com


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