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7 Reasons to Celebrate New Year 2018

Welcome to New Year 2018!
We are excited to announce an exciting Referral Contest with 7 fun prizes to start the year out right!

Our dream at Dreamfield Farms is to enhance our community by offering fresh local produce and other great local products through programs that help our community members' dreams come true.  One of these programs is our Referral Program that rewards people for helping spread the word about Dreamfield Farms.

We are excited to share our New Year Referral Contest.  The contest will run through the month of January 2018.  You can earn through your efforts and by getting others involved!

 There are 7 ways you can Earn Points for a
chance to Win up to $1000 for the Grand Prize! 

  1. Join our FREE Referral Program by clicking on the following link: - 1 pt 
     http://dreamfield.leaddyno.com (You can also join through another referral invitation. If you've already joined, you already have a point!)
  2. Change your Personal Referral & Discount Code (affiliate code) to something more suited to you - 1 pt
  3. Get familiar with the Share Tools in your Referral Dashboard - unlimited pts
    - Share your Referral Link on social media or email
    - Use the Social Media Links to share directly
    - Use the Invite Others tab to email an invitation for others to join the Referral Program
    Get 1 pt for each person that views your links and 2 pt for each person that joins the Referral Program using your link
  4. Like the Dreamfield Farms Facebook Page and join our Facebook Group the Dream Basket Community - 1 pt
  5. Follow Dreamfield Farms on Instagram - 1 pt
  6. Subscribe for any of the Dreamfield Farms subscription products - 2 pt
  7. Get an additional 2 pt for each of your referrals that subscribes 

 Leadership Bonus Drawing 

Get 1 entry for each of your referral's points! The winner will be rewarded up to $1000!

Bonus Entry - Donate to the Dreamfield Fresh Food Bank - 1 entry


Grand Prize - up to $1000
Leadership Bonus Drawing
- up to $1000
2nd Place
- choice of Dreamfield products
3rd Place
- second choice of Dreamfield products
3 additional prizes will go to top referrer, most sales and most leadership points.

A portion of every sale will go toward the Grand Prize up to $1000 and the Leadership Bonus Drawing up to $1000.  The actual prize will depend on how much money we are able to pool.

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